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Living Your Best Life!

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Hi! I'm Sharon,

Certified Life Coach & Wellness Counsellor

 I help individuals get clarity about what's not working in their life and help them to discover the answers so that they can live their best life!


Do you feel overwhelmed, burned out, and unsure what to do to feel better?


Do you feel stuck in a rut in your job or in an unhappy relationship?

Has Covid19 made you re-examine your life and what's important to you?


Are you afraid of making a change, even though you're not happy with where you are?


Is there a voice inside you telling you that there is something else that you need to do?

I bring my life experiences, empathy, coaching, and counselling skills to support you in getting clarity on living your best life.


What if instead...

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You focused on what's important to you, what will make you happy…how will your life look different?

You feel at peace, and you know what to do!

You feel excited about your life, and you can see a clear direction that you want to go.

You’re living your best life; fulfilling your destiny…how do you feel? What does it look like?

You examine your life to discover other possibilities.

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It's up to you what you make of your life.

I bring my life experiences, empathy, coaching, and counselling skills to support you in getting clarity on what you want your life to be. It is possible to live your best life.

If you want to explore areas where you feel stuck or discontent, take that first step by booking a free, no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Call with me.

Home: About Me

“I was referred to Sharon during a very transformative period in my life, both personal and professional. She was excellent at helping me navigate the waters and realize my strengths and true potential. I would absolutely recommend Sharon as a life coach to anyone who could use an extra bit of clarity to arrive at answers to questions they may not have even known that they had."

Nathan Wellsman

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“Sharon is a deeply caring coach and counsellor. She has a very refined and impactful skill in expressing empathy, which creates and fosters strong, trusting relationships with her clients. With her keen eye for her clients' verbal and non-verbal cues, Sharon holds a safe space for any who share with her. I highly recommend Sharon as a coach.”

Brytani McLeod

“Sharon's intuition and empathy is evident in her coaching skills. Her graceful art of asking the right questions is helpful in opening one's mind to revelations and understanding to themselves. Having an empathetic coach who has lived life is essential for any client looking for results.”

Elizabeth J. Kisser

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