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When Your Wheels Fall Off

Have you ever experienced a time when "your wheels fall off?" something happens that derails your life and happiness, your expectations of how life is supposed to be? It feels devastating!

What do you, do you stay stuck in a rut, or do you accept the situation and look for other options to move from where you are to where you want to be?

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and so stressed that we can't even begin to see other options available to us, we think there is no way out that we must stay where we are.

It is important when you are feeling overwhelmed to exercise self-care by doing what you can in healthy ways to take care of yourself, what that looks like for everyone is different.

You might find taking a walk in nature, even just around the block, helps to give you some perspective.

Or you might meditate or take a relaxing bath with your favourite bath scents and music.

You may journal about how you're feeling and about the situation or you might go dancing with friends or do some physical activity to release some endorphins.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself time and permission to feel your emotions as difficult as that is. It is through acceptance of the situation and allowing yourself to feel your emotions that you can move forward and eventually heal.

Processing the emotions can take time, seek out counselling or talk to a trusted friend who can listen with empathy.

Remember to breathe…when you are feeling overwhelmed focus on your breathing to help you ground and bring yourself into the present moment.


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