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How to Fulfill Your Dream!

What is Your Dream?

Do you have a dream about what you want to do when you retire or something that is on your bucket list?

“I want to do this…. before I die” “When I retire, I want to….”

Or when you read about or see someone doing something, do you think “I would love to do that!” or “I would love to go there!” or “That looks amazing!”

I read obituaries of people who died shortly after retiring and I wonder if they fulfilled those dreams or bucket list items that they wanted to do.

Will you reach the end of your life and have regrets about things that you didn’t do, because it wasn’t the right time, fears held you back or you feel it is impossible?

In 2008, I quit my job and went travelling for a year and it was an amazing feeling to fulfill that long-held dream…I was still afraid when I did it, but I felt as though I had to do it regardless of the fear I felt…looking back I have no regrets!

And it changed the trajectory of my life in ways that I couldn’t have contemplated which wouldn’t have occurred if I hadn’t taken that risk.

What is your dream? Daydream for a moment, as though nothing is impossible, as though you have a magic wand, and you can make your dream come true.

What do you see, how do you feel thinking about that dream that you have?

Notice, how different your energy is when you are daydreaming about that thing that you want…I imagine you feel happy, buoyant, or light.

Daily, daydream about that thing that you want, to feel that energy as though you are living your dream, that it is a reality, imagine what you are doing, where you are, what you are seeing or experiencing, and who is around you… And if you get an impulse or intuition of something that you need to do, do it! Follow that impulse, don’t ignore it.

Another thing you can do is to create a Vision Board of your dream, capturing, images and words that represent your dream, it can be a physical board or an electronic one; have it somewhere you can see it on a regular basis as a reminder of your dream to remind you to feel the energy as though that dream is already a reality.

It felt amazing to be in Florence, Italy looking at the Duomo of Florence……which was on my Vision Board!

If you look at the Vision Board and your energy is “that it is impossible” “that you can’t achieve it” that is not going to bring it to reality, you need to focus on your dream and feel the energy of it already being reality, that it is in existence just like the ‘chair’ in your house.

Your dream could be having a house that you want, being in a loving relationship, being healthy, completing an educational goal, having children, or anything! It’s your dream and you can bring it into reality.

If you need help in getting clarity about what your dream is, how to take the steps to achieve it or how to work through the fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, please feel free to connect with me for a free 30 minute Discovery Call at to explore making your dream a reality.

Best Wishes, Sharon

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