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All Earthquakes Aren't Bad

Have you ever experienced a huge shift in your life as though an earthquake happened and at the time it felt as though it was the worst thing possible?

That happened to me in 2007 when a boss that I enjoyed working with told me that he was leaving; I was devastated. There have been other times as well but this changed the trajectory of my life in ways that I couldn't have imagined.

I did a two-week cycle touring trip on the Gulf Islands with a partner and loved it...I wanted to keep cycling when it was over and it caused me to think about a long-held dream of travelling for a year....who does that before they're retired?

So began a year of planning a trip overseas cycle touring, volunteering, and travelling for a year.

That year as I created a vision board and planned what countries I wanted to visit and where I wanted to volunteer, things fell into place, and items that I needed materialized.

My planning was a meticulous countdown, including the rental of my condominium, plane tickets, storage space, and giving 3 weeks' notice to my employer.

It was scary and it felt as though I absolutely needed to do this. "The Meaning of Life" book seemed to speak directly to me and it gave me encouragement to fulfill this long-held dream.

Arriving in New Zealand despite two full days of travelling, felt amazing! I was really doing it, travelling for a year!

If you've ever felt as though there is something else that you are meant to do with your life or perhaps you're not happy with your job or relationship, it's easy to let fear and albeit an uncomfortable rut hold you back.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith that transformed your life? Is there something holding you back from doing what you really want?

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